There's a great game in here somewhere, but your experience of it gets confounded by noticeable input delay and weak AI.

User Rating: 7.5 | Far Cry Instincts XBOX
"Far Cry: Instincts" makes a great first impression, even for fans of the PC game. The graphics are great, the introduction is amusing and much more captivating than its PC counterpart, the guns have a solid, snappy feeling, and you get a great sense of freedom when you jump in the boats and drive around in the ocean. I imagine this might have been, at one point in its development, aspiring to be the greatest game on the original xbox.

However, two problems completely killed my enthusiasm. First, there's a half-second of input delay. It's the worst of any game I've ever played; I had to google it to confirm that other people had noticed and I wasn't imagining it. With the snappy sound and appearance of the guns, it really feels like a missed opportunity; I can only imagine how much fun this game would have been without the input delay.

Second, the AI is, inexplicably, much worse than the PC version. I walked up to a dude and shot him in the back three or four times (I was trying to hit his head, but my aim was all over the place with the input delay), and he exclaimed something like, "What? Is someone there?" YES SOMEONE IS HERE I JUST SHOT YOU MULTIPLE TIMES LOL!

These two things really worked in synergy to kill my enthusiasm. Combined, they suggest a style-over-substance design mentality. I couldn't respect a game that showed such disregard for its own core game mechanics.

There are also other issues that bugged me. There's a rare audio bug that, once observed, can only be squashed by completely deleting your save games; there are also some "invisible walls" that make the game feel surprisingly like a corridor shooter; the weapons' ranges are abruptly limited, such that your bullets literally do nothing to someone a certain distance away, until you move a single step closer.

Honestly, I'd love this game if the input lag were reduced; its audiovisual presentation is just so darn good. It just doesn't have the solid game mechanics from its PC counterpart.