Little brother of CRYSIS and worth the play

User Rating: 9 | Far Cry PC
A worthwhile FPS, 9.2 about sums it up. Needed just a little work during gameplay but I found that I was just good enough to get through it. Pros include the realism, scene beauty, variety of realistic weapons and assortment of difficulty levels. I also liked the fact that the game allows players to be creative, conservative, aggressive or any combo of these. Cons, I can readily only think of one--movement snags. Low crawling, of which I've done some of in my military days, was never so tedious and downright impossible in some situations (on stairs), as it was in this game. A con for me, because I'm not a master FPSer like many of you, was the sometimes lengthy time between save points. I learned and used the manual savegame trick just to be able to get up from the game and walk away once in a while, without a grimace on my face. Refer to the cheats section if you have kicked your household furniture more than once because you thought the segment was too troublesome not having an earlier save point.