Farcry Instincts is a great game, it was one of the First Shooters, and also one of the best!

User Rating: 8.5 | Far Cry Instincts XBOX
FarCry instincts is a very good game, it is obviously a First Person Shooter, it has a good story.

The Music...you don't really notice it,

Gameplay...Fun as crap, its got a mode called 'Predator' mode, you can have vicious attacks and you can jump super high and huge distances and have...wait...what?...'smell', what game has smell...?
theres a lot of weapons to choose from, you need to kill your opponents to get them, and it also carries Three weapons at a time.
1.a Pistol/Uzi
2.Primary gun, aka. Shotgun, Machine gun.
3.Heavy Weapons including Snipers and rocket launchers

Graphics...the graphics of FarCry Instincts are very good for the original Xbox, the water effects are very nice and when you kill someone it has blood spray everywhere, which is awesome, theres TONS of amazing beautiful views in FarCry Instincts.

Your Jack Carver a man at the wrong place at the wrong time, he is taking a tour at an island when the girl goes out on her jet ski... helicopters wake you up and blow up your boat, you need to swim to the island and find the girl (i forgot her name,,,lol) then...a crazy event starts happening and changes the game COMPLETELY.

Heads Up Display... the heads up display is very organised and easy to access everything, it makes playing a ton more fun!

Shooting Mechanics...
its very good shooting mechanics, the aiming system is brilliant so you will be able to take out your enemies with awesome skills and abilities.

FarCry Insincts is an amazing game that really deserves the rating i gave it, which is an 8.5/10