Eccelent game! Oh wow, what a game! Check it out whenever you get the chance!

User Rating: 9.3 | Far Cry Instincts XBOX
Far Cry Instincts is a terrific game, on all corners, whichever way you look at it. From the gameplay to the awesome scenic storyline and effects, to the adrenaline of running up and slashing somebody. It's just one of those games that leaves you with fun and the joy and killing a vurtual enemy and much much more. The game leaves off from where the pc game left off, you find the girl you found before and all of the sudden your boat is attacked and choppers are surrounding you and want you dead. You escape and want to know how you are found, what they know, and how to survive on this tropical island you play through. Compared to the last game, a few things from the gameplay and sound have been tweeked. Such as the sound of your gun, the boats, and really the feel of shooting at someone and the style of running and killing that the game truly captures and beats in any other game for the Xbox. Instincs desides to be more arcadey and fast pace from the original but surprisingly makes the right choice. The guns feel smaller and slightly weeker from before. They make a kind of pee shooter sound where the original game sounds a little more clear. Boats and cars also have been changed and feel almost like a rally game with a gun. You can' t shoot and drive at the same time ( kind of a bummer), so I guess they wanted some realism thrown in. You start out with almost nothing, just a pistol and no real abilities. After a while, you'll be given a shot which lets you rage up on people and basically become a man-beast like the Title says. This works really well and gives you this ghostly feel where you can finally beat whatever you see and slash em up. The gameplay in Instincs is what really makes the game shine and like I said, gives you an urge to beat a bad guy wherever he happens to be.

The graphics in the game are what I would say, highly adequate. Meaning it fits the game, nothing less, and maybe a bit more. The Xbox is limited to what it can do (although still pretty beafy), but really gets the job done for what you want to play and how to have fun doing it. Lighting is brilliant and can't say much else. You'll feel like it was made you your scent smelling and beast abilitys and makes you feel all the more better and bloodthursty. Oil cans blow up well and flames leave a cool look like a little bit of danger and you walk from point A to B through each of the darker levels. Daytime scenarios give you the feel like you're this deadly cougar someone let loose from the zoo and wants to kill the guys you cought you in the first place( I guess eh?). It's altogether made and blended well like a tropical smoothie and gives the perfect mix of mindless arcade game, revenge for whatever, and this sort of tropical hell feel like a Jurassic Park combined with CSI, all wound up in a perfect way nothing beats.

There's some marginal flaws that show up , but not the end of the world or really anything to distrubt the fun and gun gameplay. Like I said, the guns feel a little weaker, but you basically give it up and realize it fits the game after a few short minutes. There's a couple of parts that sort of get you mad from the repetetive monsters, like the part in the jungle where you wander around throught the swamps and the viny treas ( you'll see). It's almost like it's just too hard and too easy in some spots. You'll feel like your in that Flood level from the first Halo, only with these annoying little psycho freaks with bombs strapped to them ( sota like Serious Sam! ). Those parts just feel like a hastle after you constantly, over, and over, have to restart because you can't get away and regenerate you health in time and find cover to heal. That's just in the swampy area but hey, after you're through with that, it's all great fun. I may have made it sound too bad but it's really not a big deal. Far Cry Instincs is just plain fun. Get the game if you have a classic Xbox, a 360, whatever. It's just a fun as hell, can't not have a blast kind of game any shooter fan would like. Awsome, Incredible. One of the best the Xbox 1 provides. Pick it up whenever you're around an electronics store, or within reach of an Ebay listing. It's just that good. What else? I don't know, you'll have fun and that's all there is too it. Check it out or contunue playing everthing else that's obsolete.

Great game. Pick it up. The. End.