"Left Wanting More"

User Rating: 9 | Far Cry Instincts XBOX
The game itself was pretty good in terms of the weapons and the health/armor integration and the whole "need to escape" theme, but what I loved the most was the essence of stealth that was used throughout. Now, as far as the story-line goes, you end up wondering "Why do they have an island so full of psychotic creatures?" This left me nagging for the answers, but in the end, I suppose the whole "predator/revenge" thing stuck to me and I was pleased with the games' single-player. Now, the multi-player was what sparked my interest the most. Even with only 4 multi-player modes the game was still fun and left your blood pumping. The 4 modes are as follows: "Chaos" , "Team Chaos" , "Predator" , and "Steal The Sample". The "Chaos" mode is basically like a free-for-all deathmatch. "Team Chaos" is a team deathmatch mode. "Predator" is by-far my favorite mode. This mode has one or more "Predators" against one or more "Mercs". The Predators objective is to eliminate all Mercs, while the Mercs objective is to sound the sonic alarm to neutralize the Predators. And finally, "Steal The Sample" is like Capture The Flag except that there is a chemical sample instead of a flag. All in all, this is a phenomenal game.