Hard not to like it!

User Rating: 9.5 | Far Cry PC
Far Cry....that would be 2004, Crytek. IMPRESSIVE GAME!
Such graphics for that time, incredible.

The story follows the main character (me, you, whatever) called Jack Carver who has to rescue Valerie and stop Krieger with his trigens. Nice story, in my opinion. Being my FIRST fps, i still enjoy playing it and i love almost everything about it. Besides graphics and story, the amusement has it's own place in Far Cry. The conversations between enemies are interesting, and the replies when the enemy sees you and wants to kill you are funny and makes you laugh sometimes.
Trigens are sometimes scary. If you play it at the midnight with the speakers at a high level and all alone in the room, you might want to skip the night and not to sleep. So, enemies are humans and trigens. And there are like 5-6 types of trigens. Small ones(jump fast, kicks you in one hit), another type of jumping things, invisible trigens (can shoot and...yeh! become invisible), the big mutants with no guns, and the big mutants with guns (deadly heh). I'm sure i forgot something but whatever.
Levels are big enough to enjoy them, and cool enough to addict. Or well....probably the graphics will addict from the first moment.

The ending was 'boss' and well i expected that the next far cry would continue the story somehow. But i was wrong XD.

In conclusion, a game that must be played.