This will make you go "damn wow!". Superb graphics. You will hardly leave the PC playing this one!

User Rating: 9 | Far Cry PC
Crytek's first game which became an instant hit. I had bought Far Cry and Doom 3 at the same time and believe me, I spent more time playing this one. Superb graphics, even if I played it on medium video settings. A mix of horror (a little bit) and action. You'l be glued to your seat all the time. The story was good but could've been better (that's why I took away a half point). The sound effects are too real, which fit perfect with the creepy environment when indoors. The sound of the helicopter growing louder when it approaches you and the dialogues of our enemies. Unlike Halo in which they repeated the dialogues over and over (my favourite "get up so that I can kill you again!") Far Cry has even more of them and you'll get new dialogues as you move on ^_^ this actually makes shooting very fun. Ah and the best- the Cry vision! I find this better than the normal night vision goggles (makes everything look green). The Cry Vision detects heat and helps in seeing in the dark, it makes the background grey-ish, which is better than green I believe. The enemies are not just humans, there are mutants as well and a wide variety of them, which makes the game even more fun. A great game not to be missed by any first person shooter lover!