A game that could well cost you a new keyboard from over use

User Rating: 9.5 | Far Cry PC
Farcry, the first and best in the series. I think quite a few people will agree with me that the story line in crysis is not near the quality of farcy, yes it is more glitchy and the graphics are no where near the quality of crysis, but for shere enjoyment of the storyline of the game i would deffinently buy farcry over crysis. When crysis came out i thought it would be much like the farcry with the same monsters, and it was here that i found someting i liked more about farcry than crysis, the monsters in farcry were agile, sneacky, and it was the absolute shock you got when a trygen ( the name of the monsters ) would sneack up behind you and kill you, or when a trygen takes a huge bound and kills you in one. While in crysis, you dont meet the aliens until far into the game and when you do there no where near as scary as the trygens, and these aliens are all the same, but with the trygens later in the game get smarter, bigger, they jump more, and they turn invisible ( which is a lot of fun! )