Ubi has done it again.

User Rating: 9.4 | Far Cry Instincts XBOX
All i can say is, this game is a solid Triple A title for the xbox. Played the pc version the first day it came out, was so hype for the game and it just blew me away. Just by playing Far Cry instincts to me it was better then the pc version but thats IMO, it also blew me away further. From everything from graphics to gameplay and online was made just perfect, without any bugs or anything. Some of the best features are map maker and Feral abilites, in which yeah first time you hear it, you might think wow it sounds cheap and all, but you later find out it very critical and is a life saver as you need some of the feral moves to pass on the later levels. Without them you just can't proceed thru the game. Map maker is different from the other games,unlike pariah which was a total letdown, this map maker has it all, enough said. Controls is one of the best also, it's the same just like halo controls which should be easy to everyone to use.This is def. one of the best looking xbox titles this year and if your looking for something to keep you busy until xbox 360 comes out this is game game to get,storyline is good,game is about to 15 or 20 hours of gameplay and online is a blast that will last you a long time, especially Predatore mode. All i just hope now is that ubi makes a sequel to this game and use the xbox 360 capabilities for it.