Beautiful and Deady makes this game a paradise to return to

User Rating: 8.3 | Far Cry Instincts XBOX
Far Cry Instincts is just a plain-old great game, even comparable to the Halo series. It blends a perfect mix of stealth and action movie-like battles, complete with the guns blazing, and the henchman dying. The graphics are lush and beautiful, immersive, and startly convincing as a jungle paradice. The story starts simple enough, you are a man named Jack Carver who offers tours to people in the west indies. A strange women offers a lot of money to send her to an island for photos. As you approach the island, she goes of on your water scooter and you take a nap. Helicopters come, and you swim to the island. Yeah, the story isnt much, pretty much an excuse to go mad-killer on all the mercenaries in your way, which trust me, isnt a bad thing. During the game itself, you can go many paths. One could involve going prone in the underbrush and silently knife a guy in the back. Or another could involve loading up on two machine guns and make him into human swiss cheese. You deside. One thing about this game truely shined to me: the map editor. I have always been a fan of games with this feature which helps this get a little more points. But one thing is true, this is the best map-maker in a console game. Yes, even better than Timesplitters (old favorite). You can easily make your own jungle paradice to share with friends and enemies alike. Placing, moving, and editing is all easy and no map is the same. So, all in all, this is THE game for console FPS fans. If you enjoy great multiplayer, good story mode, and have a creative side for maps, you will really enjoy this paradise for days on end.