2004,FPS,Crytek,,are u kiddin' me,it's d game that set the foundations for Crysis n many from the lot,must play !!!!!!!

User Rating: 8.5 | Far Cry PC
Far Cry for me was OK,cause i played it in 2013,a time where gaming has revolutionized beyond expectations,,,but it's among those games that set the very foundations of that revolution,,,,i mean had i played it in 2004(when i was playing Smackdown 2,Tekken 3,Super Mario),,i would have gladly given up those games(except mario :) },n jumped with excitement of having played such a gr8 FPS.....Despite it's pathetic-pathetic graphics,,n a bit less pathetic story,with quite non-surprising climaxes,,the game is incredible-why??? Because of it's combat(can f*** any1) n open world gameplay(can go anywhere),, + a kicka** protagonist,,a hot chick besides him,a stupid labrat guiding him,,,n a load of mercenaries n trigens(evolved monkeys) waiting to blow him away,,it all makes it far-more interesting than it looks,,,n some impossible 2 win battles really give gr8 company to extreme gamers like me,,who just love 2 get frustrated....
Overall,Far Cry is a big innovation of it's time n one of d must playable games,if u have a PC to play it!!!!!!!! If u were/are still mixed up with the games i mentioned,leave them n experience something familiar,yet new!!!!!!!!!

"Synopsis"(i know m 2 late,but habits die hard)-U play Jack Carver,an ex-USA marine,relieved of his duties for improper conduct,n now managing a boat(what a fate!!) in South Pacific,,ur days aren't exactly u wanted(but atleast u r living),n god sends a hot girl-Valerie(Val) to you,who wants to spend vacations on a nearby island.On reaching there,u realize that all is not well,when a bazuka is fired at ur boat(dead n gone) with val no where to be seen.U must survive the island and uncover the truth behind Val and d people who aren't pleased to see u!!!!!!!!!!