S-H-I-T game that GameSpot grossly overscored

User Rating: 3 | Far Cry Instincts XBOX
This game is a pile of horse shit. Don't be fooled by the 9.2 score. The reviewer, Jason Ocampo, was obviously high when he wrote it. Far Cry Instincts is a butchered and remade port of the original PC game, with much smaller levels, horrible controls, bad graphics and some of the dumbest AI ever seen in a shooter. The only interesting segment of the game is the introduction of "feral powers", giving you superhuman speed, strength abd the ability to locate enemies by scent. But most of the time these powers are completely unnecessary, as you can run and gun through the whole game. Even on hard difficulty, the enemies are dumb as bricks, and won't notice when you shoot their comrade standing two feet away. It's laughably bad. They also introduce the use of treebranch traps that will whack a bad guy when activated, but the AI Is so dumb and the levels are so mall, that it's totally unnecessary. When Xbox Live was still active on the original Xbox, the on-line portion of Instinctscwas fairly fun. It could get real laggy, but the awesome map editor for the game made it unique. Thankfully, the map editor has carried over to the next several Far Cry games. So, there you have it. Far Cry Instincts is a horrible game and you shouldn't waste the $5 (or less) you could get it for. Buy a Big Mac instead. You'll thank me.