If you don't have XBOX 360 and Far Cry Instincts, but you have a Wii, it's your chance to play the game.

User Rating: 10 | Far Cry Vengeance WII
Far Cry Instincts was released on Xbox, but not on the PS2, Gamecube and, of course, on the PC. Owners of Wii have a chance to play the game. It's called Far Cry Vengeance and is one of the best first person shooter game on Wii.

The gameplay is very good. You do stealth kills, detonate bombs, drive vehicles. It's like Far Cry Instincts, right?

The graphics are nice on Wii, even though they aren't good like from the Xbox version. If you have a Component cables, a LCD TV, then the graphics are even better.

And the story is almost identical with Far Cry: Instincts Evolution: You meet a girl named Kade who is working with Rebels, you fight a supernatural man called Semeru, Jack Craver has the Feral abilities.

So, if you don't have a XBOX 360, but you have a Wii, buy Far Cry Vengeance.

And I think Ubisoft should release Far Cry Instincts on PC, and Vengeance on Wii U, because it will have HD graphics.