Far Cry 3 isn't what it's cracked up to be by critics, but that doesn't mean it's a bad game.

User Rating: 7.5 | Far Cry 3 X360
Far Cry 3 is, obviously, the third installment in the Far Cry 3 series. You are cast as the character Jason Brody. Brody is with friends on an island when all the sudden you are all kidnapped by a man and his gang of trusty tropas. You will fight and kill to get them back, but unfortunately, terrible AI and a short story will make this adventure bitter-sweet.

The gameplay is not different from Far Cry 2. You do get the new tribal tattoo abilities, but that's all that's new that gets tossed in to this fire. Everything else is pretty much recycled and rewashed in Far Cry 3.

The AI in this game is pretty shotty, and it's what drags my score down so low. Everything felt so easy. I would go into a compound and sneak to take down everyone quietly. I will say this: giving the player the choice of method, like a Hitman, is this game's strongpoint. It makes you feel great and makes the game look great. Unfortunately, the AI prevent the stealth from looking cool. They walk in circle, sometimes, drunkenly. They'll see you walk right in front of them and not even care and go back to saying everything I've already heard them say about 100 times. The enemies, I think, only have fives lines of dialogue, so you are getting the same lousy line over and over again. This can irritating. The AI has mostly really dumb moments where sometimes, they'll even take cover next to you. This shows a severe problem with the AI.

The mixed bag part of this game is the story. You meet some tremendous characters and go through some crazy stuff, but the story is so SHORT. Once you finish game, there is no replay value. There is nothing to motivate the player to go back on.

The multiplayer, which like most games today, is tacked on. It's flat out boring and the only worth mentioning is the Map Maker. It's super extensive and you can make your own challenge maps or multiplayer maps that will go into a playlist for other players to play on. The multiplayer is what really dragged down this game's score.

Is Far Cry 3 a good game? Yes. Will you enjoy it? Most likely. Should you buy it? No. I say rent it or borrow it from a friend to see if it's something you would want to buy. I have friends who bought it and played it religiously after they got it, but once they beat it, they never touched it again. We call this Mafia 2 syndrome.

My bottom line is this:

The good:
Great story, tremendous characters and voiceovers, decent gameplay, choice of execution

The bad:
Very short story, bad AI, awful multiplayer, no replay value, terrible ending

Be careful with this buy!