Easy to waste hours playing without even touching the story, though you will want to see that part too.

User Rating: 9 | Far Cry 3 PC
Far Cry 3 is nothing like Far Cry 2, the experience feels very different, so if you didn't number two then don't worry.

You are Jason Brody, on a vacation with your two brothers and some friends, and you are captured by a local gang and their leader Vaas. You end up escaping and then proceed to find and save your friends who are scattered across the island. You befriend a local man and are introduced to a tribe who want to help you become a warrior while finding your friends. You meet a good number of great characters in this game with outstanding personalities that keep your attention.

Far Cry 3 is a first-person shooter, but not like CoD or Halo. This is more of a survival shooter where you start off pretty week, only able to carry one weapon and a limited number of supplies until you later upgrade. Upgrading consists of hunting for animals and skinning them or doing the assortment of side quests; including assassination, supply runs, and taking out pirate outposts. There are also radio towers to capture to reveal sections of the map and to unlock new weapons at the store. When you capture a tower it does synchronization sequence like in Assassins Creed, which makes sense since this is Ubisoft.

Graphically this game looks great. I played it with an MSi 6950 Twin Frozr III, i5 2500k @4.5ghz and 8GB of ram on High settings with DX11. It ran well once I got my settings right but it still takes a bit to fully max it out. You can always turn it down to DX9 if needed.

I have not played the multiplayer and don't plan too, since in other reviews it sounded mediocre at best and didn't do anything new. I haven't had a chance to do Co-op with anyone yet but it didn't sound like it was interesting for very long, just you and some friends shooting enemies on boring missions.

Overall this game was very fun to play. It was very easy to just go off and do side missions and enjoy yourself almost as much as the main story missions. The game started a little slow but the second half was full of lots of action and story. Watching Jason go from helpless tourist to mighty warrior was an interesting experience and I already want to play it all over again.