One hell of a shooter!

User Rating: 10 | Far Cry 3 PS3
Far Cry 3 is this years best shooter imo. I have not finished it and am about half way into the story, but wanted to review it anyway. So imo this is the best shooter on the ps3, from the great feel of guns to an awesome cover feature. It is fantastic.

The story follows Jason Brody who is stuck on an island filled with insane people (traffickers of drugs and people) and you have to save your friends the story is solid but no Bioshock or Half life story here, but solid for sure. Like i said haven't finished it however.

But besides the story you have a huge game world here, filled with pirates, animals and loads to do. From relic hunting to outposts the world has a total of 17 things to do! Which is quite alot. Everything contributes to something as well.

The animals are awesome getting hunted is also a fright and some good fights with them. I could rave on and on, so i will some up the last part lol.

Graphics: 9.5, very good! However texture lack detail imo
Gameplay: 10, best shooting gameplay out. And of corse all the epic skills you unlock and the player choice is just brilliant, customizing your guns there is alot in this category.

Yeah well that is it for my review, plain and simple get this game because i think it is the best shooter of 2012. A awesome open world and even better shooter! 10/10