Was anyone really surprised at how little (SPOILERS)

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Vaas was in the game? I mean, he was really cool and a good villian in the scenes he was in, but I seriously felt he was way too hype as a villian. I also felt he probably shouldve been in the game a bit more. Anyone else?

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I agree with you...he is a good villan, but there is just not enough of him. At the same time though, you can only have so many close encounters with the main villan (think of Arkham City and Joker). They should have developed other characters more...


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I was surprised aswell. and on top of all the points mentioned, he is on the cover of the game case and isnt even the "main" villian. He was badass for the parts he was in tho. Wished he would of lasted longer.

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I was disappointed by this aswell. Same with Dr Earnhardt, he was a really cool character, but you only do like 1 mission for him and then pretty much never see him again. :(