To PC or not to PC? Bit of a silly question!

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So I thought to myself I've been away from the PC gaming scene for a while now, focusing on gaming on consoles and using the PC as a work mule, and that maybe I should consider a return to the good old days of WASD + mouse gaming. 

I've had my eye on Far Cry 3 and have fond memories of playing Far Cry on its release on my PC. Turns out my latest self built PC is getting on a bit, minimum spec achieved  and to get her up to at least recommended will require a new motherboard, new CPU and new GPU costing around £800. Or I could just buy the game for £35 and put up with slightly less prettiness. Hmmmmm! 

Seeing as it is somewhat of a struggle to buy food and pay the rent in these mental economic times I think the prettiness can go fudge itself! Xbox - 7 years and counting. PC 2 years and out of date! Is PC gaming for the rich and pretentious? I should know as that was once me building a top spec PC (gaining a top slot in the 3DMark leader-boards no less) to play Crysis on full whack, and then realising there were no other games that demanded such power at that time. So I basically paid around £1500 to play one game! Is it any wonder why I turned my back on PC gaming. 

I remember a few years back reading that there was to be a "revolution" in PC gaming as production costs were going to fall drastically and components would be more plug in and play compatible, smaller and less power demanding and therefore requiring less cooling. But it seems several years later we still require a GPU the size of small boat, a power supply capable of illuminating the Eiffel tower and a continued investment of large sums of money to achieve the latest graphical aesthetics. Will things ever change? Probably not! Even when we manage to achieve ultra realistic quality real-time rendering PC enthusiasts we still be expected to buy the latest GPU because the latest version is able to render a grain of sand ever so slightly better than the last version. There must be a breaking point somewhere. I'm just glad I reached mine some time ago.   

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You're a prime candidate for Maximum PC magazine (no, I don't work for them). They routinely feature bare bones,mid range, and high end builds, tips, and tricks for gaming PCs. Lotta great info and ideas you can cherry pick; for what works best for you and your budget.

My take on PC gaming is if you're going to settle for (and there's nothing wrong with that) 720p res.................why bother with a PC you might just as well go the console route, unless you're using it for a bunch of other non gaming apps that an xbox of ps3 can't hack? To my eye, Developers have recently (last year to 18 months) paid more attention to efficient coding. Being able to get most of a games GFX at an excellent frame rate, on kit that's not necessarily state of the art (my definition is 6-18 months old..............2 years out of date is pretty long in the tooth..................but, that's just me).

Good luck!

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You made some mistakes redweed, don't feel bad though, they're common ones.

First, you went balls-out and emptied your wallet for a Crysis rig, the end result of that would turn many people off to PC Gaming.

Second, you seem to be out of touch with current PC Gaming and the overall scope of it.
You have to realize that even with modest, cheap gaming rigs, you can play games at much higher framerates (40-60fps) at resolutions and settings much better than consoles (since alot of console games aren't even the minimum 720p, for instance, Black Ops 2 Console version runs at 880x700 as opposed to 1280x720 AKA 720p) because even medium settings at 1280x720 is still a big improvement over consoles and requires a modest rig only. We're talking 350-400 euros only on a rig. Even so, parts have actually dropped alot in price, 1080p 50-60fps gaming can be achieved on computers in the 600-800 euro range. Not to mention your PC will have better control options than a console and can use uber-accurate mouse aiming. PC also does literally everything in the multimedia and internet realm and does far more extra roles than any console.

Third, Far Cry 3 is not only less pretty on the console version, it runs pretty badly at 20-25 fps at times which can be choppy enough to cause headaches. The PC version also doesn't run as smoothly as it could but at appropriate settings for a mid level computer it can run at much more comfortable 30-45 at least (reviews and pre-release benchmarks).

Don't abandon PC, it really is the best choice.

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you can build a PC that uses a 660 ti or 670 with the latest ivy bridge i5, 8 gigs ram etc etc for about 800 dollars. that pc can and will max every game in the next 1-2 years (possibly not including max AA, supersamling, super high tesselation with more dx11 games comint out and so on).

about 5 years ago, that kind of power would have cost double that.

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The game support DirectX11 along with MSAA and SSAO modes and some other nice stuff that are not supported in the current gen of consoles

If you have a good PC with a latest graphic card the game can look way more detailed and definitely with way less jaggies compared to the console version

I have a GTX670 with a Core i7 (older generation) and 6 GB of RAM and the game runs smooth most of the time (game patched with 1.01 fix and added better performance)

Still it is not the best looking FPS ever created but definitely it looks very pretty for a sanbox game and especially compared to the dated engine of COD-Black OPS 2

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I hope you don't mind me kinda asking the same question.

I have a pc with a radeon 6670 ddr3 2gb hypermemory which I think is essentially 1gb and core i5 2500k factory overclocked to 4.6ghz and 4gb ram.

I also have an xbox 360.

I play at 720p on my tv with a 360 controller.

Should I get it for the 360 or the pc?

Which will play it better?

That was completely useless.

Looks like I came to the wrong place to ask a question like that.

I have it bought for pc now anyway so it doesn't matter.

It puts me off using these forums when no one knows a damn thing or has anything useful to say.