the weather the music.

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i realised how awful the music is in this game compared to far cry 2. The weather cycle in this game is weak compared to far cry 2. When playing FC 2 i was getting the feeling i was actually there in a sun drenched african countryside and the day night cycle made me feel the isolation and loneliness in a vast hostile land. I found the game atmospheric indeed but lack of fast travel and constant heavy confrontations made it frustrating . FC 3 however did not deliver the mood and expectation like the previous game but game play improved but something about it i didnt enjoy as much.

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they should have added garbage park:

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One of the first things I do in every game I buy is shut off the music. If I want to be in a musical............I'll join the local ******* County Bad Acting Company. :lol: You're right about the weather cycle though.

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yeah, the music pretty much sucks.

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I agree! Solution: a) listen to awesome soundtrack music in Spotify while you play, or b) listen to Far Cry 2 soundtrack while you play. Awesome :)
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I don't have an issue with the music, I find it well done and fitting.  I do have an issue with the weather and day/night cycle.  Day turns to night in a matter of a minute, if even that.  I swear sometimes it seems the transition from dusk to full day happens in 15 seconds.  It's ridiculous.  It shouldn't take 2 hours, but make it at least 5-10 minutes and make day and night last longer.  I love playing at night but it passes far too quickly.  And the weather should also have a longer transition period, and be more extreme.