Stealth ?

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To those playing the game:

Is the stealth approach possible in Far Cry 3 ?

In Far Cry 2 the enemies seemed to have a 6th sense and could spot you a mile away, even if they weren't looking at you.
Also, if you did manage to sneak up on 1 enemy and take him down quietly, it would still alert all the other enemies nearby.

This and the respawning enemies completely killed FC2 for me and I ended up trading it in.

If Far Cry 3 is a bit more refined and the Stealth approach is possible, I might give it a try.

So, I'd appreciate it if someone could give me a heads-up.



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Stealth is completely viable... Once you capture an outpost, its yours, so no re spawning enemies... If you approach an outpost and make noise, they will call for reinforcements and it gets hard. However, if you were to silently disable the alarm and use stealth, you get 3x exp for it... Stealth is not only viable but encouraged. The enemies are realistic, you can sneak up on them without them having the "6th sense". Please, buy the game, its fantastic.
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i have all the major weapons and I still feel it necessary to at least start taking an outpost over using stealth. even if it looks easy I do for the XP bonus at least.
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Played it and finished it. The stealth was great in the game, especially once you got the chain & knife takedowns. I liked to use stealth for the bases as well. Much more challenging and fun. Although if I found a good vantage point for sniping with the silenced AMR, it was fun watching the enemies running around wondering how their buddies were being killed.

Great game though. Definitely one of the best of 2012 and a HUGE improvement over Far Cry 2. This is what modern FPS should be like, rather than generic, linear Run & Gun like COD, Halo, BF etc.