Save Game Data For FarCry 3?

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Hi, My hard drive in my computer broke and I had to get it fixed and get a new hard drive put in. So I lost my savegame data for far cry 3. I re-installed farcry 3 downloaded a savegame data from a website went to install it and the orbit folder in program data was not there? Is this because of the new 1.04 Patch? So then I heard that I had to install the savegame data in: (C: Program Files (x86), Ubisoft, Ubisoft Game Launcher, savegames, ea8789ee-ac63-4772-8a34-2b6a100befcd, 46) I did that but it didn't work? Is the savegame data I downloaded out of date or am I dong something wrong? Please help! I really do not want to have to start the game all over again. Preferably I would like a savegame data where the storyline is finished but not many of the outposts have been completed. If you have any savegame data like that may I please have it? It would be a great help!! You may be able to upload it to mediafire or something like that. Email me at: Thanks
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Try running the game as administrator. it worked for me