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Anyone notice how when u snipe someone from a far distance the other pirates seem to know exactly where the shot came from from? Lol. Even with a suppressor... Nice default
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Yea, thats stupid. But think how simple would be the killing from the distance if the enemy didnt know where the shoots came from. Just try to: 1. use suppressor 2. shoot the enemy not visible to others first only when other enemy will find the body, the alarm will be made.
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Quite likely none of the Devs has ever been shot at; let alone with a suppressed weapon [which is supposed to make it difficult for the targets to tell where it came from :lol:]. I could fix that for them; before they make the next game. ;)

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I usually snipe an enemy and then run into different cover and so on. When there's less enemies, I go in stealthy with my bow.
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Had that problem in Far Cry 2. You had to be quick and accurate or otherwise, your stealthy approach is ruined.

Haven't finished the campaign yet. Busy playing multiplayer and map editor.