Oh, how I love this game. Tell your awesome stories here!

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Post a moment in the game you thought was awesome.


there was a jeep driving right at me. It went to turn down a road to my right and I tagged it with a molatov cocktail. It shot through a fence and into an open field where the jeep flipped numerous times, spilling bodies and fire EVERYWHERE! Trees were on fire and fence pieces were scattered. It looked like a scene from a real accident. I just stood there on a hill top in awe!

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My favourite moment has to be when I was tagging all the enemies in an outpost and right before going in a black bear just wandered in and mauled everybody. I got an undetected bonus for clearing it and i just sat there watching this bear who was obviously way more skilled than me haha

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Group of bad guys side swiped me on a cliff top curve; they spun hard and went through the guard rail backwards; and exploded in a fireball when they got to the "sudden stop" portion of their ride! As the old Quaker saying goes, "better thee than me!" :lol:

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So many stories iv had. a small one today is that i was driving a buggy really fast and went to drift around a curve and flew through the fence and down a water fall. laded in the pause between that fall and another swam up and over the small hill was 4 pirates. I tagged all of em and right before i started opening fire, i tiger jumped and attacked all of em and wandered. A funny one was one of those Ostrich things was trying to kill a buffalo right in the middle of the camp i just murdered.
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My story starts when I placed a waypoint on my third radio tower I made my way down to the sandy shore and saw a jet ski resting. As I started to make my way to it I heard a jeep to my right and looked to see that it was the enemy making it's way toward the dirt road right above me. I made my way back up the grassy slope and as soon as they passed I fired at them from behind they came back and I killed and looted them. Then I went and hid in a bush right above the dirt road and another jeep of enemies came to investigate then as I waited to try and ambush them a gold tiger came out and killed them one by one. This whole dynamic driven scenario kept going for 5 minutes. I was just sitting in the bushes in awe of the AI LOL. It was so cool. Eventually the tiger wandered off and all I had to do was loot all of the dead enemies. There was one last enemy that pulled up and I took them out quickly and looted them then went on my way to the next radio tower. LOL loving this game.