Novice/Beginning Player Needs Help With Far Cry 3 (FC3)

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Greetings, fellow gamers, I'm a relative beginner or novice at video games in-general, and I need some help with FC3. I don't play video games too often, but I've played and enjoyed a few games on PS3 in recent years especially (Bioshock/Bioshock-2 and Red Dead Revolver/Redemption). However, those games seem to be a lot easier to understand or follow (more intuitive than FC3), with better instructions for beginning players. With FC3, I'm having difficulty even getting past the first couple of minutes. In one of the earliest (opening) scenes, I'm suppose to follow Jason Brody around, but I get killed in a matter of seconds, because I have no weapons, and apparently, no way to acquire a weapon? It seems like a great game, and I hate to send it back for a refund, so can anyone give me some tips or hints to help guide me through this? I'd sure appreciate it.
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Basically, follow the instructions carefully and run like hell when prompted, avoiding all confrontations. Once you get over this first bit, you'll be rescued and given your first pistol. Enjoy the game, it's good!

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Far Cry 3 is awesome.I kept dying alot in the very beginning too.When you have to throw rocks and distract the guards.It gets alot easier once you get out of the beginning.