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So,I bought Far Cry 3 and I must say it's great.However,I noticed that my frame rate is pretty low.About 48-50 FPS indoors,35-45 FPS outdoors and even less on areas with a lot of vegetation,60-70 FPS underwater and 20-30 FPS in Amanaki and while driving fast vehicles which is ridiculously low.My rig isn't the best either,but I never had such a big problem.What should I turn down to make this game run above 50 FPS? Intel Core2Quad 2.66GHz AMD Radeon 6950 4GB RAM Graphics settings: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yxcnkfdr0n...8-38-56-92.jpg
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Tried,but didn't notice a huge difference.Maybe 5 FPS here and there,but nothing exceptional.
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I notice I can set all my to LOW and wont be much a FPS increase over ultra.
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It's most likely your specs. No offense or anything but it's way below recommended spec. Have you updated your video card drivers? 

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How would you check the frame rate on xbox?

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I have a similar setup and find that i have to put PostFX to low.  Everything else is on Medium.

I have an older CPU like yours and get about 45-50 fps usually at the lowest anywhere.


Core2Quad Q6600 @3.3mhz

GTX 550 Ti

2 GB Ram


Runs good, never under 45 fps even in big fire fights.  You can try to OC your CPU for some added boost, I have a Cooler Master Hyper TX3 aftermarket cooler and was able to hit 3.3mhz solid with mine.  Made a big  difference from the stock 2.4mhz.

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please try the fix I have posted in a different thread:http://www.gamespot.com/far-cry-3/forum/for-everyone-getting-low-fps-on-pc-with-ati-cards-29326852/

It woked well for me-give it a try.