Keep getting found / Lucky blind charges

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I try to kill some baddies covertly. I've tried using the bow and various silenced guns, including decently long range sniping.

Every tipe, all the other bad guys seem to know EXACTLY where i am and start charging towards me, even though none of them "saw" me yet.

Hiding in the bushes, in the dark, long range, silenced, no-miss headshot. Suddenly everyone knows the exact source of the shot.


What is up with this crap and how do i avoid this crazy AI?

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After you shot and the pirates charge on ur position , stealthily change ur position move sideways while crouching.....while in the new position u could either wait for the pirates to go back to where ever they came from or u could snipe the chargers ....or u could also go to where they came from (eg.outpost or camp) and ambush them !!

Hope this helps!!!!:P

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Yea, that's bull; not sure why they coded the enemy AI that way. The only real way to get ranged stealth kills is none of the other bad guys can be looking at the victim when you kill them. I pick off pirates/mercs constantly without alarming the others, ONLY if none of them are looking at the one I'm shooting. A more realistic response to an observed kill, would be some duck and cover, one or two run for the alarm, and the rest start shooting wildly in various directions.

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I think the theme of it is when you know somebody has been shot you can always tell where from. I mean it's not hard to work out where arrows were fired from irl. It doesn't happen if you just use the knife.

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Arrow, maybe. But not silenced sniper so easily.

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Lay out your c4 or mines then when they come out looking for you....boom!

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Even if they find a body a minute later and they didn't actually see the guy go down, they will still rush your position. It is absurd and one of the things that aggravates me the most about this game. I don't really care to throw rocks for 10 minutes trying to get them all one by one. I usually just try and sneak in to disable the alarm, then go back at range and pick as many off as possible before they rush in. But before I do, I lay mines at their most likely approaches outside the camp.