Is There an Option For Unlimited Ammo?

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Also, what is the strongest weapon in Far Cry 3?  My favorites are Assault Rifle (ACE) and Sniper (Z93).  The Z93 so far seems like the strongest weapon in the game.  It can take down heavy guys in 3 shots while it takes the ACE 10 shots to put down the same guy. I haven't gotten all the weapons yet, so still looking for the best one.  The Bull shotgun is pretty badass too.

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Not that I'm aware of.

If you craft the fourth level ammo pouch, you'll have plenty of bullets; though that somewhat depends on how many holsters you have. The ACE is the best AR, the MKG and Ripper (signature MG) are tied for best MG, the Bison (or whatever it's called in game) is tied with the Shredder signature SMG, if you like the Z93 you need to check out the signature version of it, toss up for pistol, between the 44 Mag and 50 Deagle (I prefer the 44), and the signature .45 auto (pistol) is pretty nice too if stealth is a priority over power .

As the Rakyat will tell you, "You have all the bullets, no need to worry!" ;)