If i never own any Far Cry Games will i be lost HELP!!!

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i want to get this game cause ive heard its an awesome game but i want to know since i havent played the other Far Cry games will i be lost?

-Thanks in advance

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nope, it's a brilliant and completely different story from the other games. Where as in the other games you start off as quite an experienced fighter/good at handling guns and fighting, in farcry 3, using skill points you gradually learn more of these skills. This process betters the game and provides a fun experience which makes sure that you don't get bored of the game until you finish the mesmerising story. Overall, farcry 3 is a birlliant game that i would recommend to anyone, BUY IT!!! :)
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Thanks I really appreciate the feedback also how's the multiplayer is it worth playing or after the story it's not worth playing the game anymore

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well each far cry is a separate story so you wont be confused, the multiplayer is a fun little diversion iv spent a few hours with it the custom levels people make are awesome but i dont see alot of people getting sucked into it but thats just me. i really enjoy the co op too this is the best game i have played in a loong while probably since bioshock 2