I found farcry 2 boring. Will i like Farcry 3

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I liked the look of farcry 2 and i wanted to like it but my main issue was that i found repeatedly clearing all the dumb enemies from the check points tedious.  Is far cry 3 much different as i am considering a purchase. Again i like the look of the game but im concerned i may end up disliking it for the same reason.

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Haven't played farcry 2 but farcry 3 is badass. 

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This is my first Far Cry game and from what I've read in reviews its a massive improvement on from previous titles. Its IMO Far Cry 3 = GOTY
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I'd say probably not. I liked Far Cry 2 better than 3. It does indeed feel to me like I'm just clearing out enemies. Story is better, in my opinion, but that's about it..