How long do I have to wait for new skills?

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Hey everybody. Just started playing the game today and I am loving it. Problem is, I already have 7 skill points to spend, but nothing really to spend them on. I know that you have to beat certain missions to unlock them, but is there some sort of comprehensive list of which skill is unlocked when? I've only completed about 4 main missions. Thanks.

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Skills are unlocked by main mission completion, and not all main missions unlock skills; you may have to complete several in a row before you get to the next one that gives you some skill unlocks. I've got 12 skill points stockpiled right now, and as the main story is mostly an uninteresting linear corridor shooter; I'm not really messing with it much. Might be sitting on them for awhile.

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You'll unlock the next chunk after you've been to see Citra at the temple and the final few are unlocked around the time you switch islands