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i wont say i hated the health system in far cry 2 but it just got really old really fast and coudnt really live up to the standard of the regenerating health system. was i the only person to see the guy injecting himself and bandaging his arm in one of the videos? it wont determin whether i buy it or not but it will defenitely bring down my enjoyment levels.

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The health system in this one is kinda standard. You've got blocks of health, if you get hurt the blocks drop but if you have half a block of health left it'll regenerate. Health packs are syringe form this time around and the local plants can be used to make the syringes. You hold a button for a few seconds and boom you've got full health. Also there's body armor.
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Also, I just found this out maybe 10 mins ago, there is manual healing which has him using bandages or pulling bullets from his body, that's only if you run out of syringes but have the manual healing skill.
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