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Great game so far, but one thing is really bothering me.
The camera tagging makes no sense at all. I mean, why on earth would looking at enemies with a camera allow them to be viewed through walls like a wallhack?!? That mechanic ruins the game for me, because it affects the surprise (you are not going to unexpectedly encounter an enemy face to face) and "real life" factor of the game, so I decided to NOT use the camera.
Problem now is the minimap. I can see in the minimap where are the enemies, and where are they facing, making things a little too easy.
Those two things ruin the hardcore factor for me. Definitely a future patch needs to have a "hardcore" mode that eliminates those things.
Is there any way to turn them off, or at least disable the enemy icons in the minimap???

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has number of mod compilations which eliminate that, as well as any number of other non immersive vanilla game ****.

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Thanks for the link.

Only problem I see is some of those modify too many things, more than is probable necessary.