Far Cry 3: Jaons's pointless presence on Rook Island

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I love playing Far Cry 3. I'm not much of a FPS gamer, but I do enjoy the games where you can roam and do side quest. One thing I truly enjoy about FC3 is "Liberating Post" and searching and activating Radio Towers. It's a side quest that you can accomplish well before completing the main story. In addition to liberating the post you also have addition duties such as hunting rare animals and killing pirates and privateers with a knife. I love all of that stuff. However, once you've liberated all of the post and done all of the hunting, the game gets dull. It's then full of racing, people asking for boring favors, searching pointlessly for letters that really serve no purpose other than reading them, and getting small statues that do not give Jason any real powers, skill, or EXP that can be used for anything special. I understand it's for exploration purposes and thats great, but the reward is very slim and kinda pointless...and once those are done...what's to be done? I for one think that there should be some Downloadable content (preferably free but I doubt it), that gives you reason to be on the island. This content should allow for all outposts that you've liberated to become vulnerable to attack and even be RE-taken over by privateers and pirates. This would force you to go back to that post and "liberate it once again". Also pirates and privateers should deactivate radio towers forcing you to go back and continue to reactivate them. There also should be downloadable content where you can "breed" wild animals, find food for them, raise them, and use them in combat. It's great seeing bears and tigers roam the island...they do help when they are caged, but they always surprise and attack you...you're on this island forever...come on UBISOFT...let us have a little more fun. Can you imagine an island where you wanted to liberate a post that's been RE-taken over by pirates, but the catch is that they have one of the Rakyat head men captive and you have to save him. This would be a complete stealth mission where you could use a Blood Komodo Dragon that you've bread, to help attack and kill pirates without them seeing you. Or think about having to sneak attack pirates guarding a Radio Tower using a Leopard to attack them from behind. That would make the game endless and give Jason real reason to be on the island after completing everything. Being on the island is kinda...pointless I guess. Maybe it's just me, but tell me how you feel. Note: I have not finished every side mission as of yet. I still have several blue exclamation marks to tend to, and a few races. I have a LOT of relics to find...and a few more Lost Letters...so please inform me if anything changes at the completion of these side quests. I also have not gotten the most recent game update from Xbox live due to no internet right nowThis is also my first post people, so be kind. Thanks.
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Anyone of the several mod compilations on the above site will substantially change the gameplay of FC3. Look for a compilation that includes the neverland v.2 mod, which gives you the option of taking over conquered outposts, or not. Good luck!

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If you are playing the console version and don't have access to mods there are still villages, dotted around the map, where 'red-shirts' still can be found. I found this useful for topping up my trophies.
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Maybe a little enemy re-spawning ala FC2...wouldn't be such a bad thing. ;) Liberating outposts is my favorite activity in this game.