Far Cry 3 Graphic Problem

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Hi guys, I have a major problem in Far Cry 3 that i dont know how to solve. If you look at my screenshot below you can notice that the field is very yellow, I cant see anything besides maybe 2, 3m far. It worked great at beginning until the first dark mission. At first I thought it was because of dawn and the sun, but am playing like this for 3 days now. Have Nvidia Geforce gtx 275, installed new driver, tried to change all settings inside the game, dont know what to do next. Screenshoot; http://i.imgur.com/DK99inr.jpg?1 This is a screenshot, Dont have any problems on the options or loot screen, only when I enter the game. I dont think its hardware problem since it runs smoothly on ultra settings and was looking great first hour of gameplay, even I cant change to directx11, not sure why but... Hope you can help me with this, Thank you...
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If you haven't posted this issue over at nvidia's tech forum; you probably should.