Downloaded latest DLC, now camera won't work.

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I had shelved FC3(xbox) for a while and just pulled it out today when I downloaded the latest DLC pack (Deluxe bundle) . All my equipped weapons and ammo had disappeared, along with the ability to use my camera. This was inherently problematic as I was autosaved at the beginning of the "faces of death" side mission, which requires you to photograph some dead pirates. I'm not sure if the camera bug is a result of the DLC, I saw mention of the bug elsewhere. I really don't want to have to start all over again, my save is nearly a fully completed game. All items crafted, all story missions completed, etc... Is there any other option to fix it or am I stuck waiting for a patch?


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This was an irritating, game-breaking bug/glitch long before the DLC. I'm also in the same situation. Very long into the game, hours and hours of gameplay invested, and now I can go no further without my camera. I contacted Ubisoft technical support and they claimed this was a bug that had since been fixed, and that all I had to do was fast-travel to a safehouse and the camera and rock would once again become available. The patch that allegedly fixes this bug came out today. I traveled to about a dozen safehouses, never once fixing the issue. I've started a new game in hopes that the bug had only fixed the chances of it happening again, rather than fixing what now appears to be a permanent game-breaking bug.
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Thanks for the input, I have since downloaded the latest patch which didn't fix the bug. I tried fast traveling several times to no avail. This is a seriously game breaking glitch. I will be returning FC3 to it's spot on the shelf in hopes that someday soon Ubisoft will fix this horrible mess.