Doomed save!

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In my current Far Cry 3 game, the game just autosaved at an impossible to survive situation. Namely, it autosaved just as my jeep careened over a steep and tall cliff (hey, I didn't see the cliff there!), so now every time I continued the game, I'm inserted into the game at that point where I was free falling, and the jeep's falling down below me, then seconds later I impacted the cliff side and dead. Since with this stupid autosave system I can't load a previous save, what do I do?
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when your falling, go to the map and fast travel.
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Ah, that's a good idea! And it works! Thank you very much! :)
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:lol: Yea, the save game scheme sucks; be a lot nicer if we had multiple save ala Skyrim, Mass Effect, ect. The fast travel (at any time) option has saved my backside a couple times already.

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The save system is a totally schizophrenic mess. One minute it's sending me back 5 minutes or so and the next its sending me back 20 minutes and warping me to the other side of the island.  I've finally just learned that I need to save the game after doing anything important (buying skills etc) while in free mode. Can't trust the flashing save icon. Still bettee than Skyrim. As a Ps3 owner I can't use the auto save system at all. It crashes the game.