Big game animals?

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couldnt help but notice there was a tiger itching to maul the player in the new trailer.

FC2 was great, but the biggest let down was the lack of ferocious animals trying to kill you. the game took place in Africa for god's sake. Why they didnt have crocs, elephants, hippos, lions, gorillas, or something charging ouf the jungle to trample or eat your ass is beyond me. It would added an interesting element to the game. you fighting at one of the checkpoints and then out of nowhere a tiger jumps out the brush and enters the fray.

Really hoping they implement something like this in FC3. It'll make things interesting

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there be around 10 animals in this game.
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More like 30.
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Lions and Tigers and Deer oh my

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They confirmed there are 100 animals in the Welcome to Rooks Island trailer.

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wow 100 animals that sounds sweet.

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I shot a pig and some kind of chicken in it at the eurogamer expo on saturday lol

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Hell yea, this game look too dope. Can't believe it's not gettin more hype.

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Yea, the lack of any dangerous animals in FC 2 was a big let down for me, and didn't help immersion either. I'm glad to see the Devs listended up, and have put some into this edition of the franchise.

Although....................if I'm not chased in game by a pack of giant carniverous lobsters every once in a while......................I reserve the right to still be disappointed. Roving packs of pit beagles would be cool too.......... no, wait, wait,...................................... heavily armed bands of terrorist cats! :shock:

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Been attacked by komodo dragons, wild dogs and a leopard or cheetah so far(cheetah/leopard forced me off a mountain so i couldnt skin it to find out, DOH!) They also have a circle of life thing goin on, as in predators will stalk their natural prey. As soon as they sort the graphics out it will be cool.

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Got attacked by komodos which was interesting but tigers are the best, especially if you lead them to some enemies and get yourself onto a roof. Tigers are deadly in this game.
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Yeah they are! They can take a lot of bullets!! Dont respond well to fire tho ;) Buffalos are a major weapon if you start a fire behind em and make them stampede towards an enemy.

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Dangerous animals? There are leopards, tigers, bears, sharks, komodo's, wild dogs, and that's just from the first few hours into the game, I havn't explored even a third of the map yet.