Slow cut-scenes...

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At the start of the game, there were a bunch of cut scenes which seemed to really drag out and I found myself not paying attention. The dialogue seemed to have long silent spaces in between each person and no background music. I've only had a few cut-scenes so far, probably around 4, but they seem to drag on a bit.
Anyone else find them a bit slow..?
Loving the game though, so much fun. Clocked 10 hours so far and not even half way. Picking up everything on the way, pilfering everyone I can, picking up all the left credits, heaps of fun! Love that you can see your achievements in U Play aswell! :D 

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It only takes about six hours to do everything and upgrade everything; don't know how you're on ten hours, but whatever. Anyways, I'm not sure what you mean by the cutscenes dragging out. The story's goofy, so while I would recommend paying attention due to it being mostly funny, and having a lot of references, the story isn't really paramount, and while I personally wasn't necessarily disappointed in it, I do think they could go a little further with it in a sequel, which I hope comes along.