Fry Cry 2 is an impressive sequel to the first but following a different story.

User Rating: 8 | Far Cry 2 PC
This game is set on a war within Africa which is raging between two major factions and you target is the man supplying them both with enough arms to fuel their war. By the first few minutes of the game you are introduced to the factions and even the man responsible, The Jackal, who really doesn't seem to want you dead but also in the middle of the game appears to help you a bit. You are also infected with malaria which is bad news considering the medicine is rare in Africa but luckily there is enough available from the locals for a quick fix. The gun dynamics are head-on by deteriorating their condition as they are used, by either an exploding barrels or constant jamming of bullets and shells. Fortunately uncut diamonds are everywhere within suitcases and from mission givers. Weapon shops give small missions all of which are just to destroy a weapons convoy and in return allows the purchase of about 3 new weapons ranging from pistols to new assault rifles. The scenery of the map is highly accurate considering the effort that the development team put into scoping out the land into a video representation for a game. Long walks or drives are very common across the land unfortunately no fast travel option was added which leaves to large gaps in between each city or location which must actually be traveled each time a visit is required. (Free roaming game which is kept to a minimum because of the distance to travel around) The enemies are pretty smart and kind of difficult to kill, but it is still fun to run into a mob of 10 or 20 enemies and be able to kill most of them with enjoyment. Missions are all over the place most times but are simple tasks such as destroy a weapons cache or blow up a gas tank. For each mission there are two different methods of completion, the simple first fight your way in or accept the call from your contact and accept an alternate way to finish a mission which is usually easier. Vehicles are everywhere which include trucks with a .50 cal on the top or just a plain old 2 door car. Finally there are GPS systems in the cars and your character has one, which also has the capability to locate diamond suitcases which are in range. A great game that will take up a weekend or longer and definitely recommendable.