Game of the year contender.

User Rating: 9.5 | Far Cry 2 X360
Far Cry 2 is a very good game. This game has some of the best graphics ever. This game has about a 45min. to an hour tutorial. The story is good and there are some surprises along the way in the story. The vehicles some say do not have a good feel but driving in a vehicle is very realistic because you can actually look around while you are driving unlike many other games. Guns tend to realistically jam and you have to unjam them and fire actually spreads in the direction that the wind blows. This is an open world game with 50 square kilometers of African landscape. The long traveling times and distances are nothing to complain about as this is part of the experience of the game. Besides there is fast traveling with bus stations spread throughout the map if you don't want to take a long time getting from objective to objective. I did not fast travel once until the couple of missions towards the end that are WAY far apart between 81% and 88%. No fast traveling before or after that point. The health system in this game is you have 6 bars of health with 6 syringes to stick in your body and heal yourself. When ever one of these 6 bars of health goes down, you either stick the syringes in your forearm or find some kind of health in a bottle. There are first-aid kits that you can find throughout the map to get more syringes. When your health gets down to 1 bar or below, then you will either pull a bullet out of your body, pull a piece of metal out of your body, or snap a bone back into place. Throughout the game you will get new buddies. These buddies can rescue you and offer you missions. Throughout the game you will also receive mission offers from both the APR and the UFLL and they pay you in diamonds. Besides just being payed in diamonds, you can find briefcases with diamonds spread throughout the map. What you do with the diamonds that you either earn or find is buy new weapons or weapon upgrades. You can also do weapon missions. There are also side missions that you can do. With most of your missions that you accept from the APR and UFLL, your buddies or allies, which you have very little of, will call you with a possibly better and more safe deal for you. In this game you have malaria and you will also have to do missions to get pills to calm your malaria for a while. You can save your game after completing your missions or in safe houses or underground locations that you unlock along the way. This game has a 24 hour clock with night and day cycles. Just when you are about to get tired of the missions and the same place that you have been in for awhile the game changes it up to different missions, locations, and people. This game will take around 30hrs. to beat. The multiplayer in this game is pretty good. You can make your own map with a VERY detailed map editor and play it with people online and vise versa. The multiplayer also provides it's own maps. If I had to compare this game to another game, that game would be Fallout 3 because this game is very similar to Fallout 3. Overall this game is very good and is a strong game of the year contender but does not quite get game of the year. That game is Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway.