With some major drawbacks(and some major hype), Far Cry2 was prevented of being as great of a game as it could have been

User Rating: 7.5 | Far Cry 2 PC
Far Cry 2 puts you into to the perspective of a simple mercenary. In other words you don't get much information on why you are doing any of this stuff. Even though story is not what the game is about, it would still be nice to have a little more. You can choose a lot of mercenaries from the game, but this won't effect the out come of the game. Though, it will effect your "buddies" list. Your character's main objective is to get away from Africa, but you need some money to get out, so you start working for certain organizations and meet some new buddies on the way. Far Cry 2 has some great graphics, which really put you into an African setting. The land is realistic, but that doesn't keep you from noticing the game's numerous flaws.

The game takes place in the first person perspective, and you are allowed to free roam in two huge different areas. The currency in this land is rough diamonds, which are scattered or collected from certain missions (assassination and story missions). In these areas you can find many quests, some are story missions and others are general missions. There are two types of general missions, the first is armory missions, all you have to do is blow up a moving shipment of weapons. When you get back you will have more weapons that you can buy. The other general mission type is an assassination, you have to go to a cease-fire area and shoot a guy in a suit who usually doesn't fight back. Then you get a large sum of diamonds, which you spend on weapons and equipment. Story missions can tell you to do all sorts of different things, like blow up a building, assassinate, and escort. The third type is buddy missions, which are a longer version of a story mission with a different objective. Any of these will send you all the way across the map. This can get a little old, so they added a nice bus system which allows you to teleport across the map.

Outside of missions, there isn't much to do, you can go diamond hunting, scout camps, or unlock safe houses, but none of these jobs are particularly interesting. The missions should keep you going for a long time though, but that could be because of all the travel that you must do. This game can take well over 40 hours if you do everything, but if you do everything very quickly(like take the bus every chance you get) it may only take 25 hours to complete.

Fighting is simple, just like any shooter, aim and shoot people, but there is a bad part to the fighting is the AI; it's not good. At the start of a fight mainly, the AI takes a very long time to spot you as an enemy, after (if) they do, they become rather good shots, and they do quite a bit of damage in numbers. On the hardest difficulty gunfights can be very fun yet frustrating. However, the healing system takes away some of the difficulty and frustration, after a 1.5 second animation, you are completely healed, but this won't save you every time. For when that rare time comes where you don't get a chance to heal, one of your "buddies" comes along and drags you out of the mess. He will stop nearby, and cover you while you stab that syringe into yourself. This is practically an extra life. He will eventually show up in one of your safe houses, and then he'll be able to rescue you again. Although, after you clear out the enemies he doesn't follow you, just stays around patrolling around that area. This patrol can get him killed, which means you have to come back and heal him or let him die. The buddy system can get a little frustrating because of the AI's stupidity.

The buddy system is a group of buddies that your character has made contact with. You have all mercenaries that you have met marked in your journal, but you can only have two actual buddies. These two buddies will do different things. One will give you some missions and change story missions a bit, and the other will rescue you whenever you lose all of your health. The others just stand in the bar waiting for the others to die. The only way for buddies to die is for them to be abandoned by you. If you don't like a particular one, you can just let him get shot, or shoot him yourself. You can also rescue them, but you have to use a syringe on him. Plus, it can be a pain in the neck to rescue him while you are being shot at.

The weapons count is very large, but you can only carry 4 at a time; the Primary slot, Secondary, Special, and the machete. As primary weapons you can use assault rifles, sniper rifles, or shotguns. With the Secondary slot you can use pistols, SMGs, or the C4. The Special slot allows you to carry rocket launchers, LMGs, a flamethrower, or a mortar. Some considered better than others, but it's all under the player's preference. If you want a little more out of a certain weapon you can always by a few upgrades for it, usually one upgrade costs less than an actual weapon. Each weapon has specific stats. Some people may not work well with large recoil, so they can look in there to find their fitting weapon. Either way, every weapon type has its uses.

You may also buy equipment, equipment allows you to increase the amount ammo you can hold of a certain weapon type(including grenades and molotovs), a sneaking suit, which makes you more stealthy when in tall grass, and larger syringe packs which allow more syringes to be held at a time.

Multiplayer uses ranks and classes. It also makes use of its diamond system. When you level up you get a few diamonds which you can use to upgrade your class, which changes the weapons in the pack. There is still the healing system, but it was altered. In multiplayer, you can heal an infinite amount of times, as long as you don't get knocked down. When you do get knocked down, a teammate can pick you back up. You'll be ready to fight again after you heal yourself. Multiplayer can be pretty fun, but not a lot of players actually play multiplayer.

You can plan a lot of different strategies for raiding areas, but the difficulty and AI makes it rather superfluous. Still, doing something different can lower the repetitiveness. Also, if you get bored, you can always make your own map in the map creator.

I have a lot of fun with Far Cry 2, but I have to give it a 7.5 because of it's repetitiveness, poor AI, and weak story. I don't mind repetitiveness, but I think that AI, is important for games to stay interesting. Don't get me wrong, this game can lead to some great fun, but it's flaws really turn it down a bit. If you like the FPS genre in general, you probably will enjoy Far Cry 2. Just don't put your hopes too high.