User Rating: 5 | Far Cry 2 PC

It was 2019 and it was just laying there inside the drawer. The double disc of Far Cry 1 and 2.

It had been a really long time since i finished FC1 and i loved it with the smart AI.

Installed it and directly closed the game because of the bad muddy dark brown and dark green graphics, OMG. How was this considered good looking. I then found a mod that lets you change the colors of the game and even enhance it a bit. This made me want to play the game and it was more yummy for the eyes.

FC2 AI was stupid and over smart at the same time (probably a bug but wtf).When they shot at me at close range, they missed more than when i was hiding and behind big green leafs that covers most of the island. That annoyed me the most, playing covert and sneaking and then flying bullets came from nowhere.

For the rest of the review i agree with gregeepoos review. Driving was the main part of the game.

I really struggled to finish the game. it was incredibly boring.