A difficult game to review.

User Rating: 8 | Far Cry 2 PC

This game is difficult to review because it's a challengeable game. The gamer faces a huge territory in which he can accept or reject different tasks from enemy factions. it's war in an unknown African country and, as a mercenary that you find yourself must accomplish warlords' demands, because you want to get the guy who gives them weapons to kill themselves,

The game is huge, you have lots of quests; accomplishing them you earn diamonds (the currency) which can help you improve your arsenal.

The main flaw of the game is that you have to drive too much between points. You can use boats too and also you can go for a walk.

You can admire the scenery for the graphics engine does miracles.

The sunrises and sunsets are superb.

Another flaw is that enemies come from everywhere. practically I felt like killing thousands of people along the way.

The end is foolish.

In few words: a great game which demands gamer's patience.