Re:This is a much better game than 3

User Rating: 10 | Far Cry 2 PC

If you read my last review on Farcry 3, then you'll see why hopefully, I like this better. I know there's gamers out there who didn't like this, b/c of the Malaria in the game, but really when the developers went to Africa, they had to get the following inoclations for the following:hepatitis a, hepatitis b, typhoid, tetanus, meningitis, polio, measels, dipitheria, and more. Be thankful Malaria was the only thing you had to deal with in Farcry 2. Second, weapon jamming in the game-well, weapons in real life do/can jam on you if not taken care of, They get old;rust, and get worn out. Same as in real life. Why we're some saying this game wasn't fun b/c of the aforementioned topics? Also,This game has the highest/hardest playable levels called Infamous. Trust me, if you thought Master in Farcry 3 was hard(I personally thought it was a cakewalk), Infamous in Farcry 2 will put you to the test. Get to A safehouse in the game, and switch from daylight to night if playing on infamous, b/c if not, when the enemies see you, and they will, a few hits and your done. Stealth:See infamous gameplay. Diamonds in the game are also fun to search for. The more you have, the better equipped you will be with firepower. All around, if you want a game that is a challenge, fun, a bit tedious at times, then pick this one up. You'll be glad you did, This is Farcry 2:Welcome to Africa.