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Congratulations on making the most boring game in the world. This is the reason I stopped paying for games, it starts off with a *totally* pointless jeep drive that last minutes - in which you cannot do anything, you don't learn, or see anything; then, as if that wasn't enough, a boring bed sequence follows - after which you're finally with weapon in hand.

Coupled with all of the other - negative - things I've read about this game.. Like the respawning (and everything else), boy, I am glad I haven't bought this one! xD

Gonna give it whirl now, since I took the time to download it (some slow xDSL here), but it looks like it's gonna be a straight-uninstall and delete, lolz.

Just btw., has anyone found any value in it? I'm not talking about the fanboys and hardcore gamers, I've been there years ago (I'm ancient, from 1977). :)

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@nimd4: For some reason I'm unable to find how to edit my original post. Just tried running the benchmark and IT is also slow and boring and it seems to be taking forever to complete (just cancelled it). Pfft.