Addictive but probably won't hold your interest for very long.

User Rating: 6 | FantaVision PS2
Fantavision, innovative, immersive, and oooo shiny stuff! As the game box proclaims, "A Pryotechnics Puzzle Craze", Fantavision is just that. You get to play with fireworks, without the chance of blowing off an appendage or two.

The game begins by giving you a small tutorial on how to link same-colored fireworks together to create a display. Then it moves on to more complicated things like...oh, combos, StarMines, and so on. I won't ruin anyone's fun by telling you what those are, so rent or buy the game if you're interested. Also, your "pyro displays" are set in many different cities, giving your a beautiful nighttime backdrop to play on.

Ideally, this game is addictive and for one of the first PS2 games released, it had decent graphics for the time. It is an aging treasure amongst puzzle games, and if you don't mind frustration and like explosions, check your local bargain game bin and pick this game up. The little money ($5 for me) you shell out will be well spent!