Fantavision is a brightly coloured and excessively simple puzzle game that never quite takes ahold of you.

User Rating: 6.2 | FantaVision PS2
Fantavision is, by all accounts and immediate deductions, a puzzle game. In reality - what extended playtime will provide you insight into - the game was developed for stoners. That's not to say that everyone who plays and enjoys Fantavision is loopy, but it's geared that way. Take the gameplay itself - you chain fireworks together to link explosions. That's pretty much it. It's not dull so much as it is repetitive...okay, it is dull. The graphics are decent enough, full of nifty looking fireworks explosions and colours everywhere. This is the first tip that the game isn't all it seems to be. Second, take the voiceovers. Does the announcer seem excited? No, in fact, his voice is disturbingly mellow. Does this mean SCEI was 'mellow' when creating this game? It's entirely possible. Though we may never know. Or want to know. So we have a rather simple game with lots of pretty colours flying around and an extremely calm announcer. If that doesn't speak volumes to you, I don't know what would.