What a way to kick start the PS2, eh?

User Rating: 9.3 | FantaVision PS2
November 2000. The month was here. The PlayStation 2. And one of the launch games was the very addictive, FantaVision. Nice name! FantaVision is a way better version of the EyeToy Play Rocket Rumble game. Except the EyeToy wasn't launched until 2003. So gamers, like me, can just do the very famous I-can't-be-arsed-to-sit-up-and-move-around, um, stance. Controls couldn't be any more easier. Use the left analogue stick to aim, X to go to the firework(s) and press O to blow them up. Boring? You don't know the word. FantaVision is for anyone. The kid, the teen, the mum, the dad or the grandparents. But not the dog. If you do, don't listen to Buzz! next time.