A pretty and unique take on old concepts. A decent game for a quick fix.

User Rating: 6.1 | FantaVision PS2
Flares go up in front of night time city back drops. You're goal is to ignite the flares in specific orders and combinations to create colourful firework displays.

The trick is to time your connections. When you select one flare, a line begins to rotate around it. You have to line this indicator up with the next flare you want to select. This makes it as much a rhythm game as it does a puzzle game.

Things can get a little crazy as the flares go up faster and faster.

Unfortunately for me, I could not get as much out of this game as most people would, as I'm colourblind, making matching the blues with the blues, and not the purples, etc, a little difficult.

The fireworks look nice, as do their effects, however the visuals don't undergo many changes as the game progresses. The sound is adequate, but again, you're exposed to most of it in the first level.

Challenging, yet safe for the kids to play, it may not take up your whole day, but it's fun if you want to kill a little bit of time.