"it gets my heart pumping!"

User Rating: 7 | FantaVision PS2

fantavision is a fun game. i describe it as an arcade rhythm game.
various fireworks are blasted off into the sky, and you have to use a cursor to locate and group similar colours of fireworks before finally triggering them all off.
if you wait too long, then the fireworks dissipate and you lose possible points.

that's pretty much all there is to the game. there are quite a few different levels though, and it does get trickier to match fireworks quickly later on.

it's the arcade ambience and sounds of the game that i like though. the first stage takes place over a throbbing metropolis reminiscent of a nighttime beijing or hong kong. there's an occasional female voice that says, "it gets my heart pumping!", accompanied by some pumping beats. it feels like a celebratory game, or something you would play in an arcade machine at the back of a supermarket. maybe in that kind of atmosphere, with friends the game would be able to feel more relevent.

as it stands, it's a little too simple. there could have been more ways to set off and combine the fireworks, or better music. it just feels a little flat and the concept, under-used.

maybe save it for times when non-gaming friends come round, or for house parties.